• News

    Wed 18 Aug

    Final Mid Glam Div 1 & 2 leagues are online.

    Thur 29 Aug

    Ystradfechan retain the Mid Glamorgan League Division 1 with a game in hand.

    Mon 19 Aug

    Mid Glamorgan Senior side win the Welsh Championship @ Llandrindod Wells.

    Sun 4 Aug

    The County League tables have been updated.

    Fri 26 July

    The Mid Glamorgan Senior side to play in the Welsh County Semi Finals.

    Mon 15 July

    County Finals schedule. Sunday 21 July, Harlequins Bowls Club.

    Sun 30 June

    County Leagues are updated.

    The KO Cup is updated.

    County Tournaments are updated.

    We’d 26 June

    Most County Tournaments are updated to 1/4 final, semi final, final stages.

    Sat 22 June

    Welsh County Championship tables are updated in County Fixtures.

    Senior Pairs Finalists updated. Under 18’s Finalists updated. Open Pairs first semi finalist updated.

    Fri 21 June

    Mid Glamorgan Senior side v West Glamorgan

    Wed 19 June

    Mid Glamorgan Championship side v Carmarthenshire.

    Tues 18 June

    Mid Glamorgan Senior County side beat Ceredigion Seniors 114-82 at Harlequins. They are still unbeaten in their Senior County Championship games this season.

    Sun 16 June

    The Mid Glam Open Pairs have been updated to the quarter final stage. One game yet to be played.

    Thurs 13 June

    Tues 11 June

    Mid Glamorgan Senior County side beat Monmouthshire Senior County, at Merthyr West End, by 100-80 shots.

    Mon 10 June

    The County Senior Pairs results have been updated.


    The Mid Glam Senior County Pairs semi-finals will be played at Harlequins on Friday June 21st at 6.00pm.

  • Mid Glam Welsh County Champions 2017

    Promoting Bowls

    Welsh County Champions 2017

    Mid Glamorgan Bowling Association was founded in 1974 following Local Government Re-organisation. The County consists of 28 clubs situated in the Merthyr, Cynon, Rhondda Valleys and Pontypridd area. The majority of clubs play on Local Authority greens while there are 4 privately owned licenced clubs who own their greens and run their clubs as a business.




    Jeff Hobbs

    tel: 07864588120

    email: ferndalebowler@aol.com


    Senior Vice President

    Howard Stephens

    tel: 07922822930

    email: howard-stevens@sky.com

    Junior Vice President

    Immediate Past President

    Richie Davies

    tel: 07908012882



    Hon Secretary

    Robert Williams

    tel: 07533776687

    email: rwms1@sky.com

    Hon Assistant Secretary

    Richie Davies

    tel: 07908012882

    email: richiepoos65@gmail.com

    Hon Treasurer

    Merddyn Davies

    tel: 07427325567

    email: william.davies70@hotmail.com

    Child Safeguarding Officer

    Peter Brill

    tel: 07805077381

    Team Manager

    Adrian Berry

    tel: 07929345302

    email: adrian.berry@hotmail.co.uk

    Senior Team Manager

    Gary Nicholls

    tel: 07340378874

    Management Committee

    Cynon Valley

    Michael Winter tel:01685813529

    Jeff Silcock tel: 07977986249


    Merthyr Tydfil

    Colin Rees tel: 07963388773

    Mike Tovey tel:01443856030



    Wayne Miles tel: 07949360154

    Leighton Gowen tel: 07553949450

    Gwyn Rees tel: 01443433019

    Championship Selectors

    Adrian Berry tel: 07929345302

    Graham Parfitt

    G Hughes

    Senior Selectors

    Paul Jones

    Ron Morgan

    Robert Williams

    Graham Parfitt

    WBA representitives

    John Maidment

    Jeff Hobbs

    WBA Executive Comittee

    Robert Williams

    Association Secretaries

    Cynon Valley:

    Robert Williams

    tel: 07533776687

    email: rwms1@sky.com


    Merthyr Tydfil:

    Richie Davies

    tel: 07908012882

    email: richiepoos65@gmail.com



    John Cox

    tel: 07552428560


    Mid Glam Vice Pres. Assoc.

    John Maidment

    tel: 07787960950

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    clubs & contact information:


    Founded 1924

    Green: The Park

    Abercynon CF45 4YU

    Mrs Marcia Morris.

    email: morris1959@aol.com

    tel: 01443742274

    Fixture sec. Jeff Silcock

    email: jeffsilcock@yahoo.co.uk

    tel: 07977986249


    Founded 1969

    Green: Aberdare Park

    Albert Pearce


    tel: 077790740081

    match sec: Gareth Davies


    tel: 01685871427

    webpage: aberdarebowlsclub.co.uk


    Founded 1974

    Green: Mount Pleasant Park

    CF83 2AH

    Chris Rogers

    email: chris.dr@talktalk.net

    tel: 07812025480

    web: beddaubowlingclub.com


    Founded 1955

    Green: Blaenrhondda Park

    Merddyn Davies



    tel: 01443772215

    Cyfarthfa Castle

    Founded 1924

    Green: Cyfarthfa Park

    Eddie Brill

    tel: 01685373749

    Match sec: Keith Davies

    email: keithdavies50337@talktalk.net

    tel: 07951653631

    Cymmer Welfare

    Founded 1926

    Green: Bronllwyn Park

    Brian Jones

    email: b.jones51@btinternet.com



    Founded 1925

    Green: Darren Park

    tel: 01443731060

    Jeff Hobbs

    email: ferndalebowler@aol.com

    tel: 07864588120


    Founded 1932

    Green: Gelligaled Park

    tel: 07984280025

    Wayne Jones

    email: jwijones@aol.com

    tel: 07303337582

    web: gelligaledbowlingclub.co.uk

    Gelli Park

    Founded 1912

    Green: Gelli Park

    Kevin Rees

    email: kevin.gellipark@outlook.com

    tel: 07444416041

    web: gelliparkbowlsclub.co.uk

    Guest Memorial

    Founded 1953


    Gary Flye

    email: garyflye123@gmail.com

    tel: 01685386204

    Match sec: Mike Jones

    email: mike.tilley2014@gmail.com

    tel: 07496038225

    web: guestmemorialbowlsclub.co.uk


    Founded 1969

    Green: Clubhouse

    tel: 01685871076

    Robert Williams

    email: robertwilliams626@hotmail.com

    tel: 07533776687


    Founded 1937

    Green: Hirwaun Welfare

    tel: 01685811900

    Howard Stephens

    email: howard-stevens@sky.com

    tel: 07854152251

    Maerdy Community

    Founded 2010


    Wayne Gratland

    email: wayne.gratland@alltruckplc.co.uk

    tel: 07717896207

    Merthyr West End

    Founded 1919

    Green: The Grove

    tel: 07878467874

    Colin Rees

    email: colinreesuk@gmail.com

    tel: 07963388778

    web: merthyrwestendbowlsclub.com

    Mountain Ash

    Founded 1924

    Founded 1924

    Green: Aberpennar Dyffryn St

    tel: 01443474960

    Allan Bennett

    email: allan@yellowdawg.co.uk

    tel: 01443477908


    Founded 1941

    Green: Pencai Terrace

    CF39 0BL

    Eric Lewis

    email: ericlewisifa@gmail.com

    tel: 07919237175

    Match sec: Clive Rosser

    tel: 07919237175

    web: pengellipark.bowlsclub.net



    Founded 2012

    Green: Penygraig Park

    Leighton Gowans

    email: ijgowan@live.co.uk

    tel: 07553949450



    Green: Penrhys Park

    Wayne Miles

    email: twm77@sky.com



    Founded 1924

    Green: Ynysangharad Park

    Steve Jones

    email: stevejones.gmb3@yahoo.co.uk

    tel: 01443314527


    Founded 1918

    Thomastown Park Merthyr

    Granville Morgan

    email: granvillemorgan@hotmail.co.uk

    tel: 07817935196

    Match sec: Ken Davies

    tel: 07528179325



    Green: Brondeg Trelewis

    Jack Griffiths

    email: karinagriffiths@aol.com

    tel: 01443450589



    Green: Treherbert Park

    Clive Sheridan

    email: clive.sheridan@btinternet.com

    tel: 07741454180


    Founded 1925

    Green: Troedyrhiw

    Terry Evans

    email: geraintevans57@btinternet.com

    tel: 01443692815

    Ynysangharad Park

    Founded 1969

    Green: Ynysangharad Park

    David Evans

    tel: 01443409096


    Founded 1964

    Green: Ynyscynon Park

    tel: 01443434663

    Gwyn Rees

    email: gwynandpatsy@sky.com

    tel: 07855433019




    Founded 1925

    Green: Recreation Ground

    tel: 01443790204

    Ian Randell



    tel: 07794701014

    Match sec: John David

    tel: 01443790527


    Founded 1966

    Green: Ystradfechan Fields

    tel: 01443776868

    Stuart Jones


    tel: 07772313563

    Fix sec: michaelstuckey@hotmail.co.uk

    web: ystradfechan.com


    Founded 1981

    Green: Pentre Park

    John Cox

    email: johncox195561@gmail.com

    tel: 07552428560